New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

The new moon in Taurus graces us on April 22 at 8:26 pm MST.
Everything is different than it ever has been. The new moon in Taurus energy provides a beautiful opportunity to recalibrate to who we want to emerge as and begin to embody that now. This moon brings a liberation, a chance to break through and release old patterns that are not in alignment, from a greater level of consciousness. 
Venus rules the new moon in Taurus, inviting us to heal these patterns using the alchemy of love, joy, and creativity, in flow. Earthy Taurus energy brings the space to peacefully and patiently sift through our current material world with gratitude for all that surrounds us. At the same time encouraging a deliberate examination of the values that rule our lives from a fresh perspective, ensuring they are aligned with our true soul purpose. If not, it’s time to redirect, mindfully focusing our energy only on what is in coherence with our sacred values, liberating energy to fully align with what is most important. Venus is about understanding your own truth and using your voice to share it.
The best way to work with this energy, fully breaking free and aligning with joy, is through creative flow as the Taurus moon heightens imagination, inviting full expression through artistic ways that feel liberating and fun. This moon also brings the spirit of reconnection, using the Venus energy to express love to those important to you with generosity, sharing gratitude and affection. Bring excitement into all you do and as your vibration rises, so too will your alignment with joy.  Remain in the awareness that you’re creating new things, seeing and doing things in new ways, and everything you engage in is awakening you more to who you truly are. This mindset will keep you in positive flow as you navigate and create your new reality. Flow is where the magic happens. 

The Throat Chakra 

The throat chakra is our center of creative expression. Once all the loving energy is cultivated in the heart, it rises up to be shared with the world through the throat. This is the center from which we express our truth and our gifts with the world. When the throat chakra is balanced we can both listen with love and compassion and be heard. The new moon in Taurus invites us to be still and listen to our inner voice, understand with clarity, and then express our truth with creativity.

Throat Chakra New Moon in Taurus Ritual

This new moon is about using your heightened awareness to lovingly and devotionally sift through the soil of your life to find what is truly in alignment with your soul, releasing the rest with joy, and expressing your newly liberated self with creativity and freedom. Practice this ritual after spending some time with your journal evaluating your most aligned values. To bring in the earth energy, we recommend performing this ritual outside with bare feet. If not possible, bring a plant or some soil into your space, intentionally connecting in gratitude to Mother Earth. 
  1. Prepare your sacred space with an opening prayer, smudging, healing music, or surrounding yourself with light.
  2. Use your favorite high frequency Kailo throat chakra product, applying it to your neck, temples, and wrists, affirming “I express my truth clearly, confidently, creatively.” 
  3. Take a deep breath, inhaling the scent with awareness, breathing in to a count of 5, holding for 5, and sighing out for 5. Repeat at least twice, feeling your shoulders drop down from your ears, allowing your body to relax and come into the present moment.
  4. Place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your throat. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale vibrate the bija mantra for this chakra, Ham (pronounced hum). Focus your attention on the space within your throat and feel the vibration resonating through your body as you repeat slowly. Continue for 3, 7, or 11 minutes. Know that chanting mantra carries powerful healing
  5. When your time is complete take 3 deep inhalations and exhalations, holding again at the top for 5 seconds. As you finish with these breaths, feel the mantra reverberating silently through your body, noticing the mental, emotional, and spiritual shifts created by the sound current.
  6. To finish, stand up and shake out your whole body, arms above your head, for 2-5 minutes, clearing your auric field. You may wish to put on an empowering, energizing song, feeling the creative energy and joy of self expression flowing through your beautiful body. Smile. Your throat chakra is now clear and you are free to express your highest truth in your soul’s unique way. 


From our hearts to yours, we intend for you blessings for peaceful reflection, ushering in joy, creative expression, and high vibrational alignment this new moon in Taurus.