Healing With Your Own Voice

Healing With Your Own Voice

Healing with Your Own Voice 

Sound is vibrational energy. Both ancient wisdom and the latest in quantum physics show us the universe was created through the vibration of sound. Since we know that everything else is also energy, being able to tap into that energy using a tool like sound is an invaluable way to restore health in the body, mind, and spirit by balancing the chakras. Whenever we make sounds with our own voice by speaking, singing, chanting, or humming, we are transmitting information that resonates with certain frequencies, just like the singing bowls.


“You all have within yourselves the most powerful, effective and wondrous device for healing that you can imagine.  It is free, extremely efficient and it does not require batteries or electricity...it is your own voice.” - Johnathan Goldman 


One of the beautiful gifts of the sound of your voice is that you have the ability to access its power no matter where you are to harmonize your energy. Just like the breath, it is always with you, waiting for you to put your awareness on it. In fact, the human voice is considered the most important tool in sound healing as it sends vibrations through the cells all around and within the body. Empower yourself with the knowledge that the sound of your own voice carries your healing. 


How can you use your voice to tone your chakras and restore wholeness? Two practices we've found helpful are Humming & Bija Mantras.


Humming is a simple yet powerful practice using your voice to calm the brain and body. 


You may wish to begin my cleansing your sacred space with your favorite smudging tool and setting the intention that you are already balanced and whole. 


Close your eyes. Take a deep and slow inhale and exhale, feeling your shoulders relax down. On the third round, inhale again and begin to hum on the exhale, allowing the hum and the out breath to end together. Inhale slowly again to repeat the hum on each exhale. Repeat for several minutes (at least 5) until you feel complete. Before you return to your day, take a moment in the stillness and observe how you feel. Sitting in the silence as an observer is an important part of this practice. 


Feel the vibration in your body and experience the energy shift within you. Explore humming up and down the musical scale and feel it moving throughout your body. You are massaging your brain and body back into a centered state of homeostasis. 


Resist any urge to judge the sound or let your mind question if you are ‘doing it right’. You can’t get it wrong, my love. It is the sound of your own voice; fall in love with it and allow it to heal you. 

Bija Mantras

The word mantra is Sanskrit for mind protection, tool for creating transformation, or liberator. Mantras are powerful words or series of words gifted to us by ancient vedic teachings and have been used for thousands of years. Chanting a mantra is a potent way to harness the sound, resonating it through the body from the vocal cords, getting the energy moving.  


Bija Mantras are monosyllabic sounds specifically for balancing the energy in the chakras. Bija is sanskrit for seed, each sound being the seed for the growth and healing of each of the 7 chakras. Every Bija Mantra resonates with the frequency of each chakra, just like a musical note. 


Similar to the humming practice, create your sacred space and set your intention before you begin. 


With eyes closed in a comfortable position, begin with 2 rounds of long and deep inhales and exhales to enter into a meditative state. On the third round, exhale with the sound of the Bija Mantra. You can focus chanting the mantra for one chakra at a time for several rounds or continue through the chakras, balancing all 7. 


Place your awareness on the physical location of each chakra while you chant. This will further direct the energy and deepen the effects of the mantra. You can also focus on the color of each chakra for an even deeper experience. 

  • Root Chakra: LAM (pronounced lum)
  • Sacral Chakra: VAM (pronounced fvam)
  • Solar Plexus: RAM (pronounced rum)
  • Heart Chakra: YAM (pronounced yum)
  • Throat Chakra: HAM (pronounced hum)
  • Third Eye: AUM (pronounced om)
  • Crown Chakra: OM (pronounced om or ah)


If practicing all 7 chakras, repeat each Bija Mantra several times until you move to the next one, from root to crown. Before you return to your day, take a moment in the stillness and observe how you feel. Feel the vibration still moving through you and the mantra being recited back to you in your silence. Sitting in the silence as an observer is an important part of this practice. 


The powerful sounds of the Bija Mantras are ceremoniously infused in each of the Kailo chakra therapy products as part of the 5 elements of energy work: crystals (touch), color therapy (sight), singing bowls + affirmations + bija mantras (sound), plus aromatherapy via organic essential oils (scent). Using Kailo products during meditation deepens the practice and using them alone allows you to carry the power of these sacred elements wherever you go.


With bright blessings from our hearts to yours.