New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini

Fresh Air - Opening to Insight 

We welcome so much Gemini energy flooding in at this time - the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are all in Gemini as the new moon graces us on May 22nd at 11:39am MDT. Gemini brings a beautiful breath of fresh air, infusing the atmosphere with a playful, youthful energy we get to tap into with open curiosity.

After some time in isolation, the energy of the Gemini moon supports us in rebuilding and blooming from a place of inquisition and compassion. Rather than forcing, this moon invites us to open up and prepare to slowly re-emerge in a surrendered state of creativity, allowing divine messages to flow in and show us how to move forward in a state of alignment. 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury who is investigating, asking the right questions with wonder and inquiry. In this energy lies a great opportunity to rebuild from a place of grounded, reflected calibration. How can you take progressive, foundational steps from a centered place? This is a time to let go of everything you thought you knew about life and and sit in the mystery with willingness to see things in a totally new way; only when we surrender the known can the wisdom of the unknown be accessed. Be willing to listen with curiosity, openness, and a pure heart, trusting with that intent you will be guided to rebuild in flow.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye is our center of inner knowing. When we tap into our third eye we can see with clear discernment, knowing the truth of our divine purpose. Here we gain insight - going within to gain sight, or clarity. Trusting in our inner vision strengthens our connection to the divine. 

Third Eye New Moon in Gemini Ritual 

Creativity helps us get out of our thinking minds and into our knowingness, connecting to the truth and wisdom that’s always flowing to us. In this ritual you will tap into your third eye to access your inner wisdom with openness, releasing control. Relax into listening and be playful in this practice. Prepare with some blank paper or an open journal and colored pencils, paints, or markers. 

  1. Set your sacred space with an opening prayer, smudging, or surrounding yourself with light. You may wish to play healing or soothing music to relax the mind. Call in the energy of the Gemini moon, asking her to assist in your ritual with reverence and gratitude. 
  2. Use your favorite high frequency Kailo third eye product, applying it to your forehead and affirming “I trust my inner wisdom. I see clearly.” 
  3. Take a slow and deep breath, feeling the breath of life moving from your root all the way up into your third eye, following this breath with your awareness. Hold the breath in your third eye, seeing both white and indigo light swirling around it, activating this center, for a count of 7, and release slowly. As you exhale see the light expanding around your head. 
  4. Repeat this breath, pulling in the life force from your root up to your third eye, activating it with light, attention, and awareness, at least 5 times. To keep centered, you may place your left hand on your heart during this meditation.
  5. With your third eye activated, empty your mind of all known and ask to be shown what you most need to know to begin to rebuild, from a new place. Surrender to your inner wisdom with curiosity. Set a timer to stay in this state for 7, 11, or 22 minutes. 
  6. When your timer goes off, translate the wisdom you were given through your third eye by drawing with your supplies. Resist thinking or judging, simply allow the interpretation of your wisdom to flow onto the pages in whatever comes through. 
  7. When you feel complete, thank the moon, your own divine wisdom, and the creativity that flowed through. You can interpret your drawing by writing in your journal if you wish. 

Know that each time you play with your creativity, you are opening for more divine connection and insight to the mystery of life. From our heart to yours we send love, blessings, and a breeze of fresh air to you with the Gemini new moon.