New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo

September New Moon in Virgo - Harvesting the Gifts

The first of three new super moons in a row will grace us on September 17th at 5am MDT. She’s also the last new moon of summer and will make her appearance about a week ahead of the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd. This new moon in Virgo will offer beautiful energy for us to work with to gather the gifts of what we have received so far this year, harvesting with gratitude all that we’ve gained and allowing all else to drop away. 

      Virgo brings us the energy of organization, focus, and attention to detail. It is also the sign of health and wellness. This is compounded for a double blessing with the energy of Saturn, carrying the inspiration we need to get serious about our desires and how to implement the micro daily habits that will bring us where to want to be, fully in the flow of all we want to receive. Consider: What can you add into your daily routine that will support your highest growth and expansion? What can you add into the daily details that will improve your overall health and wellness? What micro-shifts can you make to enhance your well-being?  

      New moons offer an invitation to a fresh start, and this one is packed with supportive energy to zoom in on the details of our plans and put them into action. Avoid getting lost in the grand scheme and focus on the small steps. The shadow side of Virgo is perfection; instead of adding too much at once which may lead to overwhelm, opt to add in small habits that will bolster your growth. Micro-shifts. Focus and refocus. Celebrate yourself for your efforts. The sweet spot in between discipline and surrender is flow. This is where we get to live when we choose to keep going, gathering the gifts and shifting along the way. 

Solar Plexus 

      The Solar Plexus or third chakra is our powerhouse. From this center we gather our strong will to implement change, follow through, and go after our goals. The element of the Solar Plexus chakra is fire, and when we keep this fire burning strong, we have all we need to move up into our hearts and beyond, serving our greatest purpose with strength and unwavering will. This center is located between the navel and the base of the sternum. Its color is yellow and we can love it into life by releasing shame from the past and stepping into our Divine power. You are a creator being, and when your Solar Plexus is open and strong, so are you.  Learn more about the Solar Plexus chakra here.

Solar Plexus New Moon Virgo Ritual + Meditation

      Just as farmers harvest the fruits of the land during this time, we can commune with mother earth and the cosmos in gratitude for the gifts we have been given. In this reverence, we can work with the empowering energy of the moon to go within during this time of approaching darker days to gather those gifts and insights awaiting us. Let us use our inner wisdom for clarity and the will center of our Solar Plexus to create the fire to follow through. Have your journal handy and find a quiet place to commence. 

  1. Prepare your sacred space by burning herbs, surrounding yourself with light, or invoking an opening prayer or mantra.
  2. Call in the energy of the new moon with gratitude, beckoning her wisdom.
  3. Dab your favorite Kailo Solar Plexus product on your palms and Solar Plexus. 
  4. With eyes closed, cup your palms as if to drink from the sacred river of life and inhale the uplifting citrus scent with the longest and deepest in breath of your day, breathing into the strength and growth of your own power. Exhale audibly out your mouth and release anything you don’t want to carry into your ceremony. Repeat for 3 breaths or until you feel centered and relaxed. 


Harvesting the Gifts 

      This is your harvest. Lower your cupped hands to your heart. Internally, with eyes closed, let your awareness float over the past months as winter turned to spring, spring to summer, up until this day. Observe without judgement what you have gone through. See yourself through the eyes of your highest self, lovingly and with compassion. When something arises that was challenging, let it be without getting lost in the story and then gather the gift that came from it. For example: you lost your job, and in turn felt liberated to pursue your true calling. When the challenge comes up, see it flowing down from your heart, through your lower chakras and out into the earth. When you discover the gift, expand the feeling into your heart and intend to keep it there. Continue this process until you are at the present moment.  

      If you desire, journal your experience and the list of gifts you are keeping in your heart. Next place your cupped hands down below your breasts and above your navel, at your Solar Plexus. Eyes closed, invite the energy of the detail-oriented Virgo moon to shoot you a beam of inspiration from the cosmos. Feel the beam of yellow gold light come down through your crown, third eye, throat, heart, and land in your Solar Plexus. Feel it ignite the fire within you. Breathe long and deep until the inspiration for the act(s) to implement into your daily life moving forward come into your awareness. 

      Feel the inspiration grow brighter and more fiery in your Solar Plexus until it is anchored in. Choose a word or symbol as an anchor to return to when you want to bring up this feeling of strength. When you feel complete, add this to your journal, letting the plan of action flow out. Remember you need only add a little at a time, easy does it. 

      Thank the moon, the earth, and yourself for the gifts, the guidance, the inspiration and the motivation. Keep the fire burning strong in love, sweet soul. The gifts abound when we take the time to gather them. From our heart to yours, may you be loved and blessed in gratitude and peace.