New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer

New Moon Cancer July 20th - Planting and Nourishing The New Earth Seeds

The second new moon in Cancer in a row shows herself on July 20th at 12:32pm MDT. Cancer also rules the moon, making this a very watery, emotional time. With your sovereignty, you can choose what that means both for you and for the collective. Your invitation is to use this energy intentionally by focusing on what you’d like to create, using the emotion to open your heart in compassion and love for yourself and others while being conscious of the truths being uncovered at this interesting time on earth.

The astrology is also inviting us to get things in order. This can be specific about a career or home/location change, as well as broader, opening your awareness to what is being revealed that you may not have seen before. Things that don’t serve humanity will continue to be uncovered as truths are revealed on a large scale. As this happens, it can be easy to fall into lower frequency emotions. The new moon energy is asking you to allow yourself to dive deep into uncharted territories and uncover what’s been hidden with awareness, and importantly, gentleness with yourself. Self care is not a luxury, but a priority at this time. Allow yourself to feel through the emotions and let them go, choosing which vibration you live in from one moment to the next. The ability to face truth consciously and remain in your heart is self mastery; we are being asked to level up and focus on what we want to create. To meet the darkness with discernment and love, trusting in your truth. 

This energy is also about focusing on your spiritual connection, which is in abundance if you cultivate it. You are being supported with loving universal energies, amplifying your intentions. The more you tune into them, the more light you will be able to hold and thus shine. Keep strong in your heart no matter what is revealed in the outer landscape. This does not mean to bury your head, but to consciously be aware of what you are taking in and choose how to react. Balance openness and discernment. This is the perfect time to create intention around the new world you want to create both for yourself and for the collective. Whatever you put your attention on now will amplify in the fall, so consciously lay the groundwork. 

We are seeing the destruction of the old, broken systems and the astrological energy supports that. Through 2024 we will be releasing what no longer serves as we create the new world; we can choose to do this in a state of love and intention or in a state of chaos. Everything is possible and we are being supported by the unseen realms to create a new earth that aligns with our values to serve all beings. By keeping our focus on what we want and being in alignment with that in thought, action, and vibration, we are co-creating the acceleration of a beautiful and peaceful planet. 

The Sacral Chakra 

The sacral chakra or second energy center is located just below the navel and associated with the reproductive organs, urinary system, and lower intestines. The sacral is also the chakra associated with emotions, which Cancer rules. As this center includes our womb space (or hara for men) this is the place we gestate and then brith new creations. As we are birthing the new world in conscious gratitude aided by the new moon energy, the sacral is the perfect place to focus our attention, planting new seeds intentionally, then nurturing them to fruition. 

Cancer New Moon Sacral Chakra Ritual

For this ritual, you will connect to your sacral chakra by connecting to and honoring the womb of mother earth. You will need loose paper (preferably of natural fiber) to write your intention as well as an offering for Mother Earth to seed it. This can be a crystal, feather, plant (such as the bloom of a flower or leaves of sage), or another object that is meaningful and natural - what matters most is it is chosen with love. You will also need something to dig a small hole.

  1. Begin by creating your sacred space with your materials. Find a quiet place outside and smudge, surround yourself with white light, or say an opening prayer. Find yourself seated on the earth with a straight spine.
  2. Begin to deepen your breath as you intentionally connect with the earth. Apply your favorite Kailo Sacral Chakra product to your lower abdomen and temples, feeling into your reproductive space. 
  3. As you continue to breathe long and deep, bring your focus inward. Call in the presence of Mother Earth as you breath from the base of your spine, collecting the energy from your root chakra to your sacral, placing your hand below your navel. Call in the presence of the moon, connecting from your crown to her and the cosmos. 
  4. Spend some time feeling the energy inside this chakra, tuning into its frequency. As this is the center of emotion, allow anything to naturally come up and observe without attachment. When you’re ready to release any emotions, feel them and then watch them dissipate down into mother earth. Feel the release and thank the mother for transmuting what no longer serves you. Sit for several breaths with your focus here until you feel complete.
  5. After your release, center back into this chakra and move into the emotions you’d like to feel. What would you like to birth for yourself? What would you like to see birthed for the collective? Sit in silent inquiry with these questions until you feel the answer. This is the center of your gut; trust what comes up. 
  6. When you feel ready, write your intentions both for yourself and the collective on your paper or a leaf. 
  7. Infuse your intention with the gratitude that it is already so, and place it in the earth womb (your hole) with your item of offering in joy. Repeat your intention and say a prayer of thanks for the mother and the Universe/Source for making it so. Bury your newly planted seed of life and return your attention to your sacral chakra, feeling the emotions of your intentions until you feel complete. 

What an honor it is to be alive at this time, each one of us called to co-create the new earth with our sacred and unique gifts. Please share your intentions in the comments so we can all hold the energy together. With love and blessings from our hearts to yours, may you use this sacred energy to plant the seeds of love and unity as we transform the darkness into light.