New Moon in Cancer + Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Cancer + Solar Eclipse

Clearing and Activating the Heart Center for Unity Timeline Alignment 

The new moon in Cancer and Solar Eclipse grace us June 21st at 12:41am MDT, bringing in waves of cleansing reset and transformation. This is the second of 3 eclipses in a row and marks the end of a 2 year cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. This is an opportunity to start fresh with a new timeline. 

The new moon and eclipse also coincide with the summer solstice, bringing even more energy to work with. This is a time to tune into the divine feminine energy streaming in - to sit in the unknown, even in the darkness, allowing everything that is ready to come up to do so in order to be cleared. As the observer, we sit in our hearts and remain in loving kindness for ourselves and all beings. True mastery is using this energy to dwell in love as we welcome the darkness and allow it to pass through us. Only then can we use this energy to create and align with our highest timeline. 

With divine grace, you have the opportunity to tap into the feminine energy of fierce nurturing love for yourself in order to transmute density and unlock the codes of your future. These codes reside in your heart center.

The Cancer moon energy along with the eclipse ushers in a zero point reset and trajectory shifts individually and for mother earth and the collective who inhabit her. The eclipse energies especially bring in a period of massive change that will be heightened for the next 6 months. What kind of new earth do you want to create for yourself? For the collective? This is the time to go within and answer these questions from heart centered alignment, tuning in and calling in your highest expression of truth. 

Take this opportunity to go within to recharge and reconnect with your inner light for clarity on your highest future timeline. What would it look and feel like to live your highest bliss? Remember, the “how” is not your concern. During this energy the details may not be clear, so be willing to leave the how to the unknown. Stay synched with your highest timeline as you resolve old energies by letting what comes up pass through you. The eclipse energies are also amplifying major emotional patterns that need to be cleared - let them come, observe them, see what they need to teach you, and let them go. Everything coming up to be purged is clearing space for more alignment. 

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is located around the space of the physical heart, in the center of the chest. It is the home of sharing, compassion, love, forgiveness, and acceptance.  The heart center is the seat of the soul. It is where the lower chakras meet the higher chakras, where the earth energy meets the energy of the cosmos; the merging of opposites, from polarity and duality to unity and oneness. The current astrology is asking for unity, reflecting what we see in our current outer landscape; a call for unity. Unity is accessed through work with the heart chakra. The heart is the door, the access point to transcend all that is coming up to be cleared. For true healing, all must be felt and transmuted through the heart.

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse Heart Chakra Ritual

For this ritual, you will connect to your heart chakra in love, becoming the observer to consciously clear that which no longer serves and allow what’s new to come into your awareness from a place of surrendered alignment. The most effective way to work with the heart is to tune into it; prepare to do that in this ritual. 

  1. Begin by creating your sacred space. Find a quiet place and smudge, surround yourself with white light, or say an opening prayer. Find yourself seated with a straight spine.
  2. Begin to take the longest and deepest breaths you have all day as you apply your favorite Kailo Heart Chakra product to your chest, temples, and any other pulse points, affirming “I am love.” Close down your eyes.
  3. As you continue to take long and deep breaths, mindfully go inward. Call in the presence of mother earth as you breath from the base of your spine, collecting the energy from your root chakra, then your sacral, your solar plexus, and up into your heart. Spend as long as you like in each chakra until you feel complete and settle into the heart. With the support of the earth, ask your heart what it is ready to release. Sit for several breaths with your focus on your heart center, observing but not attaching to what comes up. When this feels complete, thank each feeling/experience for coming up and allow it to flow out of your heart, down your spine and deep into mother earth. Feel the release and thank the mother for transmuting what no longer serves you. Feel the lightness and freedom. 
  4. When this feels complete, place your hands upon your heart, left hand to body and right on top, and send the love that you are into your heart. Bring up the emotions of joy, gratitude, and compassion as you sit with your sacred heart for several breaths. 
  5. When this feels complete, raise your energy up through your throat, your third eye, your crown, and out through the cosmos. Intend to connect with the universal divine love, the moon, the sun, and your higher self. Ask this aspect of you what you are ready to bring into your new timeline, for yourself and for the new world being co-created.  
  6. When you feel your answer, bring this back down with your breath and intention through your crown, your third eye, your throat, and back into your heart. Take as many breaths as you need in each chakra. Sitting in your heart space, feel a column of light from the cosmos down through the central channel of your body, lighting up all your chakras, and shooting down into the earth. With your hands on your heart feel this center as the unity of light and dark, above and below, the merging of opposites. Your heart is now activated and expanded, cleared and full of truth. 

When you feel complete, you may wish to journal on your experience. Affirm that the key to unlock all you need to know is inside your heart, the seat of your soul, the seed of your divinity. With many blessings from our hearts to yours, may you use this beautiful and powerful energy to amplify the unity and love for yourself and all beings.