Rooted in Strength and Love - Meditation for Immunity

Rooted in Strength and Love - Meditation for Immunity

In these unprecedented moments, we are being called to remember that no matter the external circumstances, we are always in control of our own energy. When fear creeps in and we identify with it, it can feel as though we are helpless to these thoughts, feelings, and emotions swirling around and within us. But it is always our choice to return to our sense of inner knowing, and with loving compassion for ourselves and all, we must kindly reassure ourselves that our energy is in our own hands, and we are blessed with the capacity to work with it, bringing it back to homeostasis.  We can tap into our awareness, settling and strengthening our bodies, rooted in strength and our inner knowing of wholeness; aligned and unshakeable.

You, my love, are a free and sovereign being with the gift of working with your chakras, the energy within your body, to build its strength, trusting that with your intentional instruction, in co-creation with universal life energy, your body will maintain a state of immunity. Lower frequency energies cannot enter your field when you are aligned with love and a knowing of harmony and wholeness. 



This meditation was created for you, with love, to balance your chakras and instruct your energy with awareness into coherence, harmony, ease, and strength. Working with Kailo's chakra tools adds a high frequency, elevating the vibration of your energy to deepen your practice. For best results, apply throughout the day and breathe in the infusion of the highest frequency of scent, sound, light, and crystalline energy, allowing your body to feel safe and nurtured, repeating the “I am” mantra for each. 

  1. Prepare your sacred space by smudging, using an opening prayer, or surrounding yourself with light. Playing high frequency solfeggio music can help entrain the mind into ease. Prepare with your favorite Kailo products for the lower 4 chakras. 
  2. Begin to take some deep breaths in and out of your heart space. Count to 5 on the inhale, hold for 2, and breathe out for 5. Consciously breathing in and out of the heart will let your body and brain know that it is safe to relax. Continue for at least 3 rounds.
  3. Once you feel centered, bring your hand to your Root Chakra at the area of your perineum. Bring your awareness to its space within your body and picture a red ball of light circulating in this chakra. Invite this red light to flow down, out through your feet, and into the earth. Feel yourself rooting down into the earth, sinking in, being held. Breathe this earth energy back up into your Root Chakra as you repeat “I am rooted. I am safe.” until you feel it to be true throughout your body. Have patience with yourself if emotions arise and it takes some time before it feels true. Know that old energies are clearing as you work with your chakras and keep breathing deeply. 
  4. Allow that red energy to turn orange as you see it rising up with your hand to your Sacral Chakra, just below your navel. Feel this glowing orange energy connected down to the earth in a straight line from your Root Chakra, down into the earth and back up again to your Sacral, letting this energy grow and expand there as you repeat “I am calm. All is well.” until you feel it to be true throughout your body, continuing deep breathing. 
  5. Allow the orange energy to turn yellow as you see it rising up with your hand to your Solar Plexus, just under the base of your sternum. Feel this golden yellow energy connected down to the earth in a straight line through your Sacral and Root Chakras, down into the earth and back up through the central channel, letting this energy grow and expand as you arrive back at the Solar Plexus. This is the center of your will, your power, your immunity. Feel deeply into this area with your awareness, allowing and instructing the golden yellow ball to expand even outside the physical space of your body. Feel its strength and luminescence, shining like a shield against all outside influences. Repeat with conviction “I am strong. I am powerful. I am immunity.” Continue until you feel a shift in your energy and physical body, strengthened and powerful. 
  6. End in your heart space, bringing your hand and awareness back where you began. Bring the yellow energy up with your hand turning to an emerald green, cultivating a feeling of love for yourself and your body, thanking your body for its strength. Breathe in and out of your heart until you feel complete, repeating “I am love. I am whole.”

We invite you to repeat this meditation daily to ground your energy, transmuting fear; to balance and strengthen your chakras of safety, peace, immunity, and love. Recite the mantras throughout the day as you apply your favorite Kailo products, raise your vibration, and let your body know it is safe by keeping your energy balanced. Remember your energy is up to you beloveds, and you have the power to hold the frequency of love and strength throughout uncertain times. 

With love and blessings from our hearts to yours.