New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries

Renewed Energy for A New Beginning

We welcome the new moon in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, March 24th at 5:28am EST. The new moon always provides a fresh start, but this month it’s also the first new moon of the astrological new year, arriving just after the spring equinox the evening of the 19th. We have an opportunity to tap into all this new energy to create a reset, rebirth, and renewal, letting go of the old ways of being and getting clear on what we are being called to create moving forward. 


The Aries new moon brings the energy of a fresh start with the freedom to create a new beginning from fearless clarity, staying in a place of proactive connection to this energy of forward momentum. The Piscean energy of cloudiness is finally leaving, bringing an opportunity for more clarity as we set our intentions. What are you ready to let go of? What does your highest path feel like? 


Aries is ruled by Mars, which brings through an abundance of energy for forward motion and determination. This new moon has a triple planetary conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. Mars is fearless and calls you to draw upon your inner warrior, tapping into the Solar Plexus, the third chakra, fiery and courageous. Jupiter adds an element of joy and expansion, and Pluto brings the energy of empowerment and transformation. This powerful triplet calls us to create our new reality with confidence and bliss, breaking free from fear and bravely looking at what doesn’t serve to finally surrender it. It is only then we can move forward, from victim to creator, truly transforming.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra, or Solar Plexus, is our center of willpower. Its element is fire and when it is balanced it serves as our center of confidence, self esteem, self worth, and empowers us to move forward with strength and effectiveness. It is located below the sternum and above the navel. 


This new moon is calling us to tap into our confidence and courage to choose a new direction. It brings us a reminder that we are sovereign beings, free to pursue a path that brings us joy as we shine our light. We are all responsible for our own energy, so tap into the extraordinary resources you have within you and all around you to bring to light the highest version of your life, resolute in your passion and power.

Solar Plexus New Moon in Aries Ritual

While this new moon energy is all about the excitement of creating, we are also being asked to examine and surrender what doesn’t serve us so we can liberate that energy for creation. This ritual is your powerful invitation to get clear on what’s no longer serving your highest path, surrender it once and for all, and step into your power to create a new life. Before you begin, set the intention that once the ritual is completed, it will be so. Give yourself the gift of uninterrupted time and space for this ceremony. 


Part I 

  1. Prepare your sacred space with an opening prayer, smudging, mantra, or surrounding yourself with light. 
  2. Apply your favorite Kailo product for Solar Plexus right on the third chakra, opening and invoking its power.
  3. Open your journal and write the prompt as an invitation to your subconscious, with the intention to contemplate the question while you breath and center: With courage and honesty, these are the fears and limiting beliefs holding me back that I am ready to surrender:
  4. Set your journal down and ground and center yourself by becoming aware of your breath. Place your left hand on your heartspace and your right hand on your Solar Plexus. Take several long and deep breaths, sighing out with an open mouth on the outbreath. Feel your shoulders relax down. As you breathe, focus your awareness on the connection between your sacred heart and your Solar Plexus. Continue breathing in this slow and conscious manner until you feel connected and inspired to answer the prompt.
  5. When you feel ready, return to your journal and allow your answers to flow. Have compassion for yourself and resist judging what comes out. Let your pen flow. Get as honest as possible. This is an invitation to question old habits and beliefs before you search for new and inventive ways to move forward. If uncomfortable feelings come up, know they are getting ready to release. Feel into your Solar Plexus for the strength to move through the discomfort. 
  6. When this feels complete, review what you’ve written and make a commitment to yourself by writing any version of the following that resonates with you: “Because I deeply and completely love and honor myself, I now and forever surrender these fears and limiting beliefs that no longer serve my highest good. Thank you for your lessons. I surrender you to a power greater than me. And so I am free.” Read this aloud as many times as you need to feel the release in your body (at least once). If this presents a challenge for you, imagine them either going down into mother earth or being absorbed by the light. 
  7. Sign and date your commitment and take a deep breath. Feel the freedom and gratitude of surrender. Take a moment to thank yourself for getting honest and having the courage to examine your fears and limiting beliefs. Breathe deeply and exhale again through an open mouth for a final release. 


Part II 

Now that you’ve released all the energy of what was holding you back, you can use it to get clear on what you want to create and how you can move forward in freedom and strength. You may want to get up and shake your body out before moving on to Part II.


  1. Settle back into your space and turn to a new page in your journal. This time write the prompt: With joy and excitement, I choose a new direction. With bravery and honesty, these are the things that will bring more passion and excitement to my soul:
  2. With your awareness, tune in to the energy of the new moon, this energy of transformation, confidence, and strength, as you again place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your Solar Plexus, your center of will and power. Breath in and out of both chakras, tuning into their inspiration and guidance, adding a smile of joyful knowing to your face. Continue this slow and deep breathing until you feel inspired. 
  3. Return to your journal and write freely on the prompt, letting ideas flow without a filter. Avoid any chatter from the mind to only write ideas that it deems useful or practical. Let everything flow, trusting in your inner wisdom during this process. Feel the excitement in your body. 
  4. When you feel complete (for now, this list can always be added to) go back and add a star to at least 2 items you can commit to expanding upon or acting on over the next week. Taking inspired action shows that you are committed to your new beginning and to yourself, sending a powerful energetic message into the beyond. 
  5. Sign and date this list as well, signifying your commitment to action towards your highest path of passion. Thank yourself, the moon, and the divine, for co-creating this powerful process with you. Tap into the will and strength of your Solar Plexus when carrying out your inspired actions over the next week. 

We intend for you a beautiful and transformational new beginning with the Aries new moon. Be kind, strong, and fearless as you become your future in joy, uplifted in light. Love and blessings.