Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

The Benefits of Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

Every cell in the body is vibrating, emitting and receiving information through frequency. The vibration of sound has the ability to activate the light in our cells and reharmonize any stuck or discordant energies. Using the powerful vibration of sound we can entrain and restore our physical, mental, and emotional bodies back to wholeness. The potent healing properties of sound have been honored and utilized since the sages and throughout history. The ancient Vedics said that sound is everything. Even Pahtagoris used sound for emotional and physical healing. 


“Sound is the medicine of the future.” - Edgar Cayce, father of holistic medicine 


The frequency of sound has the power to stimulate the vagus nerve, the parasympathetic nervous system promoting rest and repair, boost immune function, release emotional blockages and stuck energy, recover from illness or trauma, even lengthen life span. Certain frequencies of sound can even increase IQ by altering the brain’s structure as new skills are learned. 


Crystal bowls are very special transmitters of healing vibrational sound frequency. Crystals are the only geological structure that can be programmed to retain vibration and hold memory. So singing bowls made of crystals are literally living beings of consciousness. One reason they resonate so well with us is that our bodies are made up of millions of crystals - our bones, teeth, and skull vibrate and harmonize with the frequencies of the crystals bowls. 

Crystal Bowls & The Chakras

Each chakra, or energy center, corresponds with a specific musical note. The singing bowls are also attuned to a note. Playing the C note bowl, for example, entrains and balances the root chakra. A sound bath with a singing bowl of each note corresponding to each chakra can help balance the centers through entrainment, restoring homeostasis. 


How does entrainment work? If two guitars are facing each other and one is struck with a C note, the other guitar will also resonate with C. This is what happens with our chakras when the bowls are played; they are entrained or harmonized. Order eventually entrains disorder. If you’ve ever been around someone who is very calm and then felt more calm yourself, you’ve experienced entrainment to their energy. 


"Singing bowls act as a medium in which our inner chaos and conflict can be reconfigured into a harmonious sense of calm centeredness that resonates through every cell of our body and mind." - Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD


The bowls are also a sacred tool for accessing deep, meditative states. They are so powerful they can entrain brainwaves, balancing both hemispheres. The resonance allows the analytical part of the brain - the one that’s thinking the thoughts all the time - to quiet down by changing brainwaves and providing an opening for peace, connection to our higher self, and connection to the divine. Because of the effect on the brain, sound healing is especially helpful for those experiencing depression, anxiety, and sleep challenges by balancing the upper chakras. 

What a gift that we can tune and align our chakras using our senses with the vibrations of sound, scent, sight, healing touch, and intention. And when we use them together in harmony, even more miraculous states of wholeness can be realized, which is exactly why we ceremonially infuse each Kailo chakra therapy tool/product with 5 elements of energy work: crystals (touch), color therapy (sight), singing bowls + affirmations + bija mantras (sound), plus aromatherapy via organic essential oils (scent).