New Moon in Cancer 2019

New Moon in Cancer 2019

New Moon in Cancer

Tuesday at 12:16pm pst we welcome a new moon in Cancer with a solar eclipse. This moon encourages us to feel into our home on earth and ultimately within ourselves. This is an opportunity to really tune in to the energy of our emotions and sift through them to explore what brings us into that feeling of wholeness, a sense of safety, and connectedness. Allow the Cancer energy to wrap you in the feelings of security for the next several months. This is an important time for us to go inward and really feel into what is serving us and what is no longer in alignment with our highest good, and the strong energy of the moon will make a clear dividing line between the two. 

The Root & Sacral Chakras

The chakras correlated with this moon are Root and Sacral. While the Root Chakra corresponds with our most basic survival needs for home in terms of physical safety, it is only once those are met that we can fully feel in to our emotions and what will make us thrive from our Sacral Chakra. Here we have an opportunity to get grounded in the feeling of what being complete means to us. Coming home to ourselves, into a feeling of oneness with all, will bring a sense of inner peace that we can take with us wherever we roam, regardless of the circumstances in our outer world. 

The solar eclipse serves to magnify the energy of the new moon, giving us an extra boost of awareness, if we tune into it, and clarity on what our emotions are showing us. Utilize the eclipse to energize your Root Chakra (foundation) and your Sacral Chakra (will and stability). Amplify this energy and get grounded into your emotions with this new moon ritual and invitation for growth.

New Moon Ritual and Growth Invitation

This ritual is designed to put you in touch with the divine mother as well as your inner guidance system; your deepest sense of home, the mother that you are to yourself, always accessible to you. Tune in to that frequency and to your inner emotions - those you’re ready to let go of and those you want to embrace. 


Prepare a small bowl of water with a drop of Root and Sacral Chakra oil to set on your altar or whatever space you are using. Water is the element of Cancer as well as the Sacral Chakra and symbolizes the connection with mother earth, the ultimate mother and our home. 


Write down the following questions in your journal: 


  1. What am I feeling?

  2. Which feelings am I ready to release?

  3. When do I feel whole, complete, home?

  4. Which feelings do I want to call in and embrace more?

  5. How can I more fully embody the feelings I want to embrace? 


Set your journal aside and sit comfortably with a straight spine. Slowly roll Sacral Chakra oil, Essence, or butter around your navel in a clockwise motion and then down your lower abdomen to your pubic bone, feeling the physical sensation of the oil on your skin as you breathe in deeply.


Close your eyes gently and focus your attention on your first two chakras. Keeping eyes closed, breathe in deeply through your nose, visualizing your breath moving in through your first chakra, pulling it up and breathing it out through your second chakra in a slow and rhythmic circular motion. Continue for 5 breaths, slowly and with the intention to tune into these centers. Feel them fully, giving life to them with your sacred breath.  


Keeping eyes closed, release the breath and sit in silence for several minutes, keeping your awareness tuned in to your first two chakras. Tip: set your timer before the ritual begins so you don’t have to break your state and open your eyes at any point after you put your journal down.


When your meditation is complete, open your eyes and allow the responses to flow through you. Detach from seeking the “right” answers - the questions are simply guidance to ponder gently during silent awareness. Allow your pen to flow freely and refrain from judging your replies. 


When you’re done writing, fully release the feelings you are ready to let go of by pouring the water on to the Earth. As you watch the water disappear, feel that the emotions are releasing energetically from you. Thank them for the lessons they taught you and say goodbye with a sense of relief.


Lastly, invite yourself to hold onto question 5 for the entire month of July. Challenge yourself each day to fully embody the feelings you want to cultivate in your life. Choose 1-3 feelings that make you feel steady and whole and set the words as reminders on your phone or write them on your mirror so you are reminded daily to come back to those feelings. Keep coming back to the question: how can I embody this feeling more? If it’s peace, carry the mantra “I am peace” with you daily for the entire month. If you feel yourself losing your peace simply forgive yourself and come back to it. Just like the sense of oneness inside you, it is always available to you. Carry your Root and/or Sacral Essences with you everyday this moon cycle to promote greater balance in these chakras while also activating the vibration of your intention whenever you need a reminder or a reset.