Black New Moon in Leo

Black New Moon in Leo

Alas, a Black New Moon is upon us...sounds eerie, huh? No need to fret! A black moon occurs when there are two New Moons in one month.  As if the month wasn’t already jam-packed with cosmic energy, we are set to welcome July’s second New Moon on July 31st.

Now that we’ve made it through a pretty sizable astrological storm - solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, Full Moon in Capricorn and of course, Mercury Retrograde - this is the perfect time for a check-in to see how you weathered the proverbial storm.


Did you welcome change or did you resist it? Did you fly off the handle or were you able to keep your composure? Did you release what no longer serves you or did you hold on for dear life? 


Not only is this your chance to evaluate the events of this past month, but it’s also the perfect time to start manifesting for the month of August.

New Moons are associated with new beginnings - it’s a magical time that allows us to review where goals are renewed, desires are set, and new intentions are made. What are you trying to manifest in your life? 


A new moon in Leo brings a fiery sense of self and if you harness the energy properly, it can ignite the fire within. Leo is the extroverted Lion of the zodiac -  fierce, brave and has no issue showing you exactly who she is and what she is capable of. Confident and courageous, Leo season encourages you to speak your mind (roar if you have to) and bear that big heart of yours at any given moment. 


Leo teaches us that when we embrace our true nature, we find our heart's joy. We attract what we love and cultivate a life full of that joy. Leo Season is the time to feel into who you really are and then show up as that person in everything you do. In this authentic expression of yourself, you'll feel your heart and create a life that is centered around what you love in this life.

Leo Season is a wonderful time to step into your power and lead yourself into your dreams. In that vein, we invite you to focus on your Throat and Solar Plexus chakras. 


The Throat chakra resides at the center of the neck and is most commonly represented with the color blue. This chakra is associated with communication and self-expression and enables us to speak our truth. When in balance, it allows you to see the truth and communicating your authentic truth effectively and stand up for what you believe in. 


The Solar Plexus chakra is located at the upper part of the abdomen and is represented with the color yellow. This chakra helps grow your confidence and vitality. It empowers you to follow your true path and create the life you want. When balanced, the solar plexus chakra allows you to seize your personal power, develop your authentic self, and take responsibility for your life.

As you know, at Kailo we’re big fans of creating rituals. We want to inspire you to explore what elements and intentions you resonate with, so we’ve put together a ritual outline that we use personally. 


Remember, this ritual is all about YOU and has to resonate with YOU. That being said, feel free to alter and tweak to what you vibe with! Remember, the intention is what counts. 


Ritual Essentials

  • 20-30 minutes of quiet time (I love taking a bath during mine or sitting on my porch - but this is about YOU! Find a space where you feel comfortable and won’t be disturbed)
  • Journal and pen
  • Candles and matches
  • Sage, Palo Santo, or best of all - local flowers or herbs you’ve harvested yourself!
  • Kailo Chakra Oils or Essences
  • Tea (optional)
  • Your favorite meditation jam (there are a TON of amazing chakra-based meditation music options on YouTube)

Setting the Stage

  • Cleanse the space by burning your herbs/sage/palo santo and set an opening prayer/intention
  • Turn on your preferred meditation tunes
  • Light your candles and honor the light and ambiance the fire brings to the space - we’re in Leo season, after all. 
  • Get centered by taking some deep breaths and sip your tea in the space you’ve created. 
  • Once your mind is clear, pull out your journal for some reflection time. What are you looking to cultivate or manifest in the next few weeks? Not only externally, but internally as well. 
  • Once you’ve written your intentions down - close your eyes and take some deep breaths. What would you feel like if all of your intentions came to pass? Imagine exactly how you would feel in your mind, body, and spirit? 
  • As you’re enjoying the fullness of this feeling, grab your favorite Kailo product and rub it into your palms. With your eyes closed, bring your palms to your nose and deeply inhale the aroma. Let it envelop you. 
    • Note: Use the Kailo product that aligns with the intention you’re focusing on. For instance, if you’re gearing yourself up for a big presentation at work perhaps you’d want to focus on your throat chakra. Gently rub the Throat Chakra body oil, butter or essence lovingly across your neck and throat and envision yourself standing in your power and nailing that presentation. ;)
  • When complete, allow yourself to sit with whatever feelings have arisen as long as your schedule allows. 


Again, this is simply a template - we urge you to let your intuition be your guide when creating your rituals. Trust us, when you devote time to nurture your inner being and create a sense of inner peace you will begin to see your life and relationships shift in beautiful and powerful ways. 


Sending you love and light always ~ namaste.