New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

On September 28th at 2:26 pm EST, we welcome the New Moon in Libra. The sign of the scales reminds us that inner peace and harmony are essential to maintain a healthy mindset. You may have a strong need for balance and harmony right now. This can also be a call to collaborate with others or to move forward on projects that have been brewing for a while. 


The New Moon in Libra urges us to examine the duality in our lives - to reflect on both the light and shadow side of ourselves. We must learn to love and respect both sides because this duality is ever present and woven throughout our lives. We must learn to make peace with it. Share your good and your bad feelings. Don’t be afraid to be who you really are, regardless of what’s expected of you. 


Astrology King notes that this New Moon has a loving and sociable influence thanks to fixed star Zaniah. Venus sextile Jupiter adds to the good news for those seeking enjoyment and romance.

It’s likely that these new developments in your social or love life will cause you to make adjustments in other areas of your life. Or it could be that rising tensions because of boredom or dissatisfaction force a change in your social or love life.


This is a good new moon for dating, starting a new love relationship or taking your current relationship to the next level. getting engaged or married.

New Moon in Libra Aspects

Libra reminds us that inner peace and harmony are the critical energies to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When facing difficult situations, it can take a lot of work to remain calm. But with the right tools and mindset, we can maintain a balanced and neutral vibration despite what we’re facing in our external world. 


Libra’s season is a time to cultivate inner strength and resolve to make our inner peace top priority above all else. Once we’ve achieved internal balance, we can begin to extend that harmony to the rest of the world through our relationships and partnerships. 


The Libra season asks us to take a close look at the partnerships we’ve established in our lives and decide what’s serving us and what is not. As you evaluate the primary relationships in your life, we invite you to ask yourself: 

  • Is there an equal energy exchange or reciprocity within this relationship? 
  • Do you feel recharged or depleted after spending time with this person? 
  • Does this person bring value to your life? If not, why are you holding onto this relationship? 


Now is the time to clarify what types of relationships are best for our energy and our peace. Cutting out people or situations that no longer serve us may seem scary at first. But we must look closely at our partnerships and decide if there is an equal energy exchange, or if work is needed. Use this time to clarify what types of relationships are best for both your energy and your peace - if they don’t pass the test, they’ve got to go.

Chakra Focus & Rituals

This New Moon can create some indecision, especially where things may be uncertain or all of the information is not yet known. This can lead to frustration if you’re desiring movement but you’re not sure which path to take forward. The important part during times of uncertainty is to make sure we honor our truth and our heart until the path ahead clears. In that vein, we’d like to focus on the heart chakra for this particular New Moon. We invite you to look deeper at the primary relationships in your life. Do they reflect the truth of your desires and your needs? 


This New Moon is connecting us with the pursuit of what is real and authentic in our lives. We are on the path of moving towards what feeds our souls and what makes us truly feel alive. Spend some time reviewing what takes up most of your day. Is there something that feels out of alignment?  This can mean it’s time to let some things go, including projects, clients, friendships, or romantic relationships. 

The Heart Chakra 

Because Venus rules Libra, we are reminded to take some time out and spend some energy on nurturing ourselves. In that vein, we are focusing on the Heart Chakra for this New Moon in Libra. So what is the Heart Chakra? 


The Heart Chakra is the third chakra and is the center of love, balance, and connection. Located in the center of the chest, the heart chakra is associated with the color green and the element of air. It’s responsible for regulating the energy associated with self-acceptance, self-love, compassion, openness, and the unconditional love of self and others. 


If you chronically experience a sense of social isolation, loneliness, resentment, bitterness or fear, you likely have a blocked heart chakra. That’s not what we want, friends! 


There are many causes of a blocked, suppressed or stagnant heart chakra. Some of the most common life experiences that impair the heart chakra include experiencing physical or emotional abuse as a child, being raised by an emotionally cold or narcissistic parent, being denied affection and love growing up, adopting unhealthy societal beliefs surrounding love, and developing self-destructive habits that block the giving and receiving of love.


Does this sound familiar? If so, let’s get that beautiful heart chakra back open - the world is waiting on you!

Heart Chakra Ritual

If you don’t know already, we’re all about rituals. They help us set and define our intentions sending a more powerful announcement to the universe. Let your own intuition be your guide when it comes to rituals - because it’s really about what resonates with you. We’re just here to serve as a guide - here’s a rejuvenating ritual that we curated for ourselves to help get you started. 


Since the Heart Chakra is associated with the color green, this is a great chance for you to try out Forest Bathing. “Forest bathing” is actually a term that originated in Japan known as Shinrin Yoku, and it has many scientifically proven benefits. Don’t live near a forest? No worries! Venture out to your local park, garden or other areas full of greenery. If you live in a city with no nature, try getting a pot plant or indoor shrubs to encourage Heart Chakra healing.


Grab your sage or Palo Santo and cleanse the energy of the space. Find a comfortable seated position and begin to focus on your breath. Grab your favorite Kailo Heart Chakra product and begin to rub the oil or lotion into your heart chakra in small, gentle movements. Begin to imagine roots growing from the base of your spine going down through the Earth. 


After a few moments, begin to let your thoughts come into consciousness. Run through a mental list of the relationships and projects that are your primary focus right now. When you consider each relationship or project, what happens to your body? Do you feel anxious? If so, where do you feel it in your body? Is this reaction aligned with your highest good? 


If you’re unsure of how your body is reacting, put your focus on the roots you’ve visualized going into the ground. What happens to those roots when you think about a relationship or project? Do they go deeper into the Earth? Or do they shrink up? 


Ultimately, only you can decide what’s in alignment. You are the master of your Universe. Follow your heart. Set your boundaries. Speak your truth. We hope that our products help you build your own ritual practice and allow for space for your life to shift into alignment. 

We wish you a Happy New Moon in Libra. 

To you. From us. With love.