New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn

Final New Moon of 2019 + Solar Eclipse

Alas, we find ourselves welcoming our last New Moon of the year, and of the decade, on December 26th at 5:13 pm EST. This is the second Capricorn new moon of the year so prepare to be feeling the Capricorn-heavy energy of hard work, ambition, and plans of stability on your mind. 


This particular new moon is also paired with a partial solar eclipse which could bring some abrupt changes, especially when it comes to our dreams and destiny. While a typical New Moon’s effects linger for 4 weeks, we’ll see the effects of this combination for the next 6 months. So if you didn’t get everything on your Christmas list, take advantage of these two powerful energies that will allow you to start manifesting for brighter 2020.

New Moon in Capricorn Aspects

It’s important to note that the New Moon in Capricorn is also an annular solar eclipse. The solar eclipse December 2019 astrology is particularly fortuitous because the Sun and Moon are aligned with Jupiter -  the planet of growth, abundance, and good luck. Jupiter brings in happiness optimism, generosity, and good luck with lots of opportunities for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. 


Your eyes will be on the prize, so to speak, in both your finances and professional work. You may feel the need to spread your wings and experience life to the fullest. Astrology King notes that the keyword for this December 2019 Solar Eclipse is ‘serendipity’ because it activates Jupiter trine Uranus that could bring unexpected good luck and happy coincidences when you least expect it. You could find your dream job or bump into your soul mate without even looking.


This is also an excellent time to begin new studies or perhaps, some long-distance travel or adventure. With all this cosmic synergy, you may find that relationships, investments, business, and legal matters started under this influence have a great chance of success. It’s important that we follow our intuition during this time as it will be on high alert and guiding us into a new era. Honor your desires and what your soul truly needs. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is focused on beginnings, ones that are rooted in our deepest truth. It’s time to start nourishing the seeds we want to sow. Because this is such an important time for manifesting and following our intuition, we urge you to ensure that your crown chakra is balanced and in alignment. 

The Crown Chakra

Our Crown Chakra is the seventh chakra and is located at the top (or crown) of the head. Just as our Root Chakra connects us to Mother Earth, the Crown Chakra serves as our connection to the Universe. In fact, the Crown Chakra disperses the Universal energy or life force into the six other chakras underneath it. In Sanskrit, the Crown Chakra is termed as the Sahasrara (the ‘thousand-fold’ Chakra) and is typically pictured as a lotus having thousand white petals.

A blocked or overactive Crown Chakra can lead to various physical ailments such as depression, headaches, neurological issues, etc. Additionally, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, paralysis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, senility, dementia, etc are also linked to an imbalance in the seventh Chakra.

Crown Chakra Ritual

For this Crown Chakra ritual, you’ll need a violet or white candle, sage or local herbs, pen, journal, Kailo body oil, and whatever crystals or talismans you feel called to implement. 


To begin, find yourself in a quiet, comfortable place. Place the violet candle in front of you and set your intention. As you light the candle, we invite you to recite the following words, “I light this candle and in doing so, I open my Crown Chakra to the Divine. With the opening of this Chakra, I ask that my Soul enter into my mind and only let in the thoughts of things that are in alignment with my Highest Self.”


If you’re open to chanting, you can activate the Crown Chakra through the sound ‘May’ (pronounced like the month). We found a great chanting exercise on Before you begin, inhale deeply and hold it for about 5 seconds. Then exhale slowly and evenly through your mouth or nose and repeat this technique two more times. It’s very important that the deep breathing is done a total of three times as this will allow the chi or universal energy to be absorbed into the lungs and distributed to the rest of the body through the circulatory system. 


The article notes that this method ensures that the brain waves slow down, your auric field around you expands and brightens, and you begin to feel more relaxed which is necessary in order to receive the full benefits of the May chant. 


Once you’ve completed your three breaths, you can begin the chant. Take another deep inhale and hold for a few moments. Then as you exhale, intone the sound M-A-A-A-A-A-Y-Y-Y-Y until all of your breath as been released. Allow the pitch of your voice to rise and fall a bit. Then repeat this process twice for a total of three chants. Once complete, take a moment to reflect on any feelings that may come up. We urge you to journal these thoughts as you experience them so you can really feel them in their completeness.


Sample Crown Chakra Affirmations: 

  • I am deeply connected with the Universe
  • I trust the flow of the Universe
  • I am a channel for divine wisdom
  • I am a channel for divine light
  • I am always open to receiving messages from the Universe
  • I am a spiritual being in a physical body


We know that this is a time of deep transformation for us all and that the weight of carrying burdens that no longer serve you can be tremendous. But we also know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our Crown Chakra Kit has everything you need to help you stay in alignment. Use code CAPRICORN for 20% off. We hope that you find the release you’re searching for and that all your dreams come true as we bring in a new decade. 


Happy Holidays - we wish you a wonderful 2020. To you. From Us. With Love.