Perfect Balance Body Oil Kit

Perfect Balance Body Oil Kit


An essential chakra wellness kit consisting of a body oil for each of the 7 chakras. The ultimate tool for full spectrum balance and truly fostering holistic wellness for mind-body-spirit. Soak up some serious moisture and energy medicine into your physical and energetic bodies.

Incredibly rich in beneficial minerals, Vitamin E, and antioxidants, Jojoba Oil keeps skin healthy and protected from the damaging and aging effects of free-radicals. The most similar oil to human sebum (the skin’s own natural lubricant), it is super lightweight, non-greasy, very easily absorbed, and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Combined with organic essential oils and 5 elements of energetic infusions that correspond to each chakra, these body oils will help restore balance to your whole being, leading to optimal health and radiance.


1 Root Body Oil

1 Sacral Body Oil

1 Solar Plexus Body Oil

1 Heart Body Oil

1 Throat Body Oil

1 Third Eye Body Oil

1 Crown Body Oil

Each Body Oil is 3.4 fl. oz.