Infinite Balance Essence Kit

Light Beige
Dark Brown

An essential chakra wellness kit with an Essence for each of the 7 chakras. This kit comes complete with a handmade leather case, made from salvaged leather, and adorned with semi-precious stones that correspond to each chakra. The ultimate tool for full spectrum balance and truly fostering holistic wellness for mind-body-spirit. With this compact and practical kit, you can easily bring all your Essences anywhere you go. From the yoga studio, to tea with a friend, to hoping on a plane, you'll always have exactly what you need, no matter what situation and feelings arise.

** Due to the salvaged nature of the leather, cases are made using whatever leather is available at the time, thus colors may vary from what is pictured.


1 Root Essence

1 Sacral Essence

1 Solar Plexus Essence

1 Heart Essence

1 Throat Essence

1 Third Eye Essence

1 Crown Essence

1 Handmade leather case, complete with semi-precious stones

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