New Moon in Gemini - Throat Chakra Activation

Happy new moon and welcome to the debut of Kailo’s Chakra Mooncast. My name is Kat Taylor and I am the Creatress of Kailo Organic Chakra Therapy. I want to personally thank and acknowledge each one of you for choosing to connect with Kailo.

Over the past few months my intuition and guidance has been calling me to take more action around cultivating a stronger, more vibrant, and connected community. My intention is to better serve you by expanding Kailo’s offerings beyond the Organic Chakra Therapy mind-body-spirit products.

What’s to come are integration tools in the form of meditations, rituals, and journaling exercises that are designed to connect astrologic happenings with the chakras. As we tune into the energies of the cosmos, we in turn tune into the energies within ourselves. As above, so below. As within, so without.

By aligning our personal and spiritual work with what is unfolding astrologically, we harness the present energies in a way that supports our journey and growth. We drop into the flow of the Universe and we sync with the Collective.

So, without further ado, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to explore the first edition of Kailo’s Chakra Mooncast…

On June 13th we begin a new lunar cycle with the new moon in Gemini. The energy of this new moon encourages us to focus on our communication and authentic expression. We are being supported to be open, honest and true - with ourselves and others. This is a time to explore our creativity and socialize. There is a call to connect with community. Listen well to others. Listen to your own words as well. Notice their vibration. Do they ring of truth and clarity?

It’s not just the words you speak out loud, for your actions are an even stronger form of communication and expression. Are these in alignment with your soul, or your ego? Are they coming from a place of love or fear? Take some time to be with yourself and reflect. What has been the quality of your inner dialogue? Perhaps we need to be more gentle and compassionate with the messages we feed ourselves. The way we speak to ourselves is directly linked to how we perceive the world around us and that dictates the reality we are weaving - the future we are manifesting.

Perhaps it is time to explore a new form of expression, one that even challenges you or pushes you out of your comfort zone. Be courageous in experimenting with this. This new moon can guide you through these uncharted waters.

These themes and energies correspond to our throat chakra. I invite you to spend some time in the days surrounding this new moon to create a new moon ritual. Below are some journaling prompts that will help you to connect with your throat chakra and glean insights as to what the quality of your relationship to the throat chakra is at this time. Additionally, I’ve included a guided meditation in the form of a video. The meditation is a wonderful way to connect to the energy of this new moon and to shift your energy to having a more healthy, balanced, and radiant throat chakra.

Journaling Reflections:

*What does self expression look and feel like to me?

*Am I expressing my true self authentically?

*Is my expression in integrity (am I being honest with myself and others)?

*Recently, I could have done better expressing myself in this situation:

*Recently, I was proud of how well I expressed myself in this situation:

*List the type of situations in which you find it most difficult to express yourself.

*List the type of situations in which you find it most natural and comfortable to express yourself.

*Do you find that you oftentimes communicate more than is necessary or meaningful?

*What do you observe of your listening skills?

*What are your strengths and weaknesses in terms of truly listening to others?

After reviewing the reflections that surfaced for you in the journaling exercises, feel into what areas you feel there is room for growth and improvement. Harnessing the energy of this new moon, what intentions would you like to set that would support you in having a healthier throat chakra?

Tune in to the New Moon Throat Chakra

Meditation here