New Moon in Cancer + Solar Eclipse

* Integration tools that connect the chakras to astrological happenings *

As we tune into the energies of the cosmos, we in turn tune into the energies within ourselves.  As above, so below. As within, so without. 

By aligning our personal and spiritual work with what is unfolding astrologically, we harness the present energies in a way that supports our journey and growth.  We drop into the flow of the Universe and we sync with the Collective.

May these astrological insights find resonance within your being and shine a light upon your journey at this time.

On July 12th we begin a new lunar cycle with the new moon in Cancer, which is also a partial solar eclipse!  As is the case with eclipse season, the energy of this new moon is intense and the veil is thin.  But with this chapter of intensity we have great opportunities for major breakthroughs, change, growth and transformation.  

Cancer is an emotional sign (it's a water sign after all) and one that is closely tied to matters of the home - family, nurturing, tribe, mothering, and the ancestors.  These are our roots, the places that hold us and provide us with a sense of stability and security.  Any issues or imbalances in our lives regarding these themes may surface during this time.  Surrender and embrace them with openness, courage, and compassion.  You have the opportunity to release whatever is coming up and create space for transformation - stepping into a new, intentional and empowered way of being with how these energies show up in your life.

The sense of security that we draw upon from our finances and emotions is also being highlighted now.  The things that sustain us: nourishment and food also connect strongly to this Cancer energy.  What are our relationships to these fundamental aspects of our lives?

Creativity is in the air.  With the emotions that are being stirred, this is an opportune time to channel those feelings into the heightened creativity that we have access to at this time.

All these themes, all this energy, is a wonderful reflection of the Root and Sacral chakras!  We are being asked to become more aware of our relationship to these chakras within us and in the world around us, the greater Collective.  

In essence, the Root chakra is our place of grounding, our connection to the Earth, our home, our body, our lineage, ancestors, and family - our most intrinsic roots.  It is our sense of safety, security, stability, vitality.

Put simply, the Sacral chakra is our place of creativity, emotions, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality.  For women, this is our sacred womb space - a place of nurturance, both for ourselves and others.  Water, a representation of the feminine and our emotions is the element of the Sacral chakra, just as Cancer is a water sign.

As we move through the energies of this Cancer new moon + solar eclipse, we will be working deeply and profoundly with our Root and Sacral chakras.  We have the choice to do this with conscious awareness and intention, or to do so with resistance, avoidance and numbing.  Whatever we choose during this eclipse season portal (July 12th - Aug. 11th) can have major implications for us personally and collectively.  With these 3 eclipses (2 solar on the new moons and 1 lunar on the full moon) plus Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron all retrograde (and Mercury stationing retrograde July 25th), these are some intense and powerful times.  Remember to be gentle with yourself and others.  Try your best to prioritize your self-care.  Although it may not always be easy, let us embody the healing, growth, and transformation that we wish to see in the world by doing our own personal work.

May the journaling exercises and ritual below help to support and guide you on your journey.

Journaling Reflections:

*Do I feel secure in my relationships? My emotions? My finances?

*How strong or weak is my connection to my roots (Earth, family, body, ancestors)? How does this affect me?

*Who/what/where do I consider to be my roots?

*Where in my life am I craving more physical connection? --> yoga, massage, exercise, sex?

*Right now my greatest creative outlet is _____. 

*Right now my creativity feels stifled in ______.

*If I'm really honest with myself, the feelings that are most present for me are: _______.

*Are there any specific emotions that I have a pattern of avoiding?

*What distractions or addictions do I use to avoid or numb my feelings?

*Do I feel fear or freedom in expressing my emotions?

*What situations or people in my life foster this fear and/or freedom to express my emotions?

* Do I feel at home in my body, comfortable in my own skin?

After reviewing the reflections that surfaced for you in the journaling exercises, feel into what areas you feel there is room for growth and improvement. Harnessing the energy of this new moon, what intentions would you like to set that would support you in having healthier Root + Sacral chakras?

New Moon In Cancer + Solar Eclipse Ritual

After exploring the journaling reflections and setting some new moon intentions, pour yourself a glass (ideally glass opposed to a plastic cup) of water.  Take the glass of water outside and be barefoot on the Earth if possible.  Feel the energy of the Earth beneath your feet and intentionally connect to the energy.  Speak, whisper, or sing your intentions into the glass of water.  Notice the ripples that are created in the water from the vibration of your words - your intentions.  Feel the energy of your intentions in your body.  Breathe deeply.  Place your glass of water, full of love and intention, somewhere safe that it can sit out under the darkness of the new moon. (You may want to cover it with a piece of fabric to protect it from bugs and debris - if so, using a red or orange fabric would be perfect).  Allow it to be charged overnight with the energy and power of this new moon + solar eclipse.

The following morning come back to your glass of water, again barefoot if possible.  Once again connect to the energy of the Earth and speak, whisper, or sing your intentions into the glass of water.  Again notice the ripples in the water from the vibration of your words.  Now drink your powerfully infused water.  Feel the pleasure of it moving through your physical and energetic bodies.  Know that your body is mostly water and that the vibration of the water you just drank will change the vibration of the rest of the water in your body, thus changing your vibration.

Remember to thank yourself for taking this precious time to nurture your mind-body-spirit.  Bask in love and gratitude towards yourself for practicing self-care.

Using your Root + Sacral Organic Chakra Therapy alongside their provided rituals will be very supportive during this moon cycle.  It is our honor to being offering 30% off all Root + Sacral Organic Chakra Therapy now until the full moon (7/27)