Are you ready to embody your fullest, most authentic self?  To radiate your true expression through clear and powerful alignment with your soul? 

Is it time to shed the layers and let go of that which does not serve you? 

Have you known for some time that what your soul seeks is deep and everlasting change, but you simply don’t know how or where to begin? 

Do you wish to deepen or begin your spiritual practice in a way that is practical and can be integrated into every aspect of your life? 

Do you feel the call?

Then you have arrived in exactly the right place, for this immersive journey will provide you with the tools, practices, and awareness to awaken yourself as your very own healer. This is a journey of transformation, growth, healing, self-awareness and empowerment. Discover and embody your authentic Self so that you may live your life to your fullest potential in health and radiance.

The unfortunate truth is that most of us are more disconnected from ourselves than we even realize.  We are existing as a mere fraction of who we have the potential to be.  When our energy system is misaligned or weak, our entire being feels the effects - and so do those around us.  Our energetic imbalances manifest in our physical bodies as chronic pain, illness, digestive issues, dis-ease and more.  The parts of ourselves that need attention and healing show up in our relationship dynamics with friends, family, lovers, and most of all within our relationship to ourselves.  The extent to which we are truly embodying our spirit is dependent on the health and vitality of our energy system.

As we become conscious and aware of ourselves in our entirety - mind, body, and spirit - we begin the journey of getting to know our chakras, which is to say that we begin the journey of truly knowing ourselves.  By working with each of our energy centers with intention and presence, we learn to become our own healer.  It is from this place of transformation, healing, and growth that we find ourselves coming into a place of profound alignment with who we actually are.  It is from this place of alignment that we create and manifest the life and reality that most serves our highest selves.

Your commitment to this journey of healing and transformation is the greatest gift, not only to yourself, but to humanity as well.  As you become more empowered and embodied as your Divine Self, you lift and inspire those around you, creating a ripple effect that permeates throughout the collective.  The healthy and radiant vibration of your energetic field is infused into everything you do, create, and interact with.

So what is this journey?

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the chakras but want to cultivate a deeper relationship to them.  Maybe despite knowing about the chakras, you struggle with embodying and integrating their wisdom into your daily life.  Or perhaps you have no idea what the chakras are, yet you find yourself curious and called to them.  Whatever the case, there is a place for you in our circle. 

Over the course of 8 days we will dive deep into each of the main 7 chakras, focusing on one chakra per day.  Through the exploration of meditation, yoga, kriyas, chanting, sound healing, aromatherapy, somatic experiences, lecture, energy medicine, mantra, ceremonies and rituals, we will come to experience, understand, and embody the vibration of the chakras as they manifest in mind, body, and spirit. 

In this immersion you will learn how to:

  • Asses the state of your chakras
  • Release energetic blockages stored in your auric field and cellular body
  • Tune the frequency of your chakras to a healthy and balanced vibration
  • Understand the psychology of the chakras
  • Understand the science of the chakras
  • Work with your kundalini energy
  • Use ritual and ceremony to create the everlasting changes you desire
  • Use ancient tools and techniques for nourishing and healing yourself
  • Deepen your spiritual practice
  • Cultivate greater self-awareness
  • Be present and connected to your body
  • Be aware of and in touch with your emotions
  • Create and honor your boundaries
  • Have healthy, loving and compassionate relationships with yourself and others
  • Express the truth of who you are, creatively and in integrity
  • Cultivate your inner wisdom to live guided by intuition
  • Explore your connection to the Divine


Your journey will include:

  • Transportation via private shuttle from Guatemala City to Panajachel followed by a short boat ride to the private shores of our retreat
  • 8 nights of accommodations at the exquisite Villa Sumaya (private or shared)
  • 3 daily vegetarian, organic & locally sourced meals (vegan and gluten free options included)
  • Opening ceremony
  • Introduction + overview of our energy system and energy medicine
  • 8 morning meditations
  • 7 In depth chakra explorations/workshops
  • 7 Chakra ceremonies
  • 7 chakra enlivening yoga classes
  • 7 Sound baths
  • Closing Ceremony
  • 1 Workbook
  • 1 Kailo Essence Kit ($198 value)


Your Guide, Kat Taylor

My love and passion lies in seeing the power of our human potential that comes forth in times of great transformation, healing and growth.  The work I do is somehow always in service and in reverence of this beautiful phenomenon.  My aim is to empower, inspire, share teachings, guide and support others in healing themselves and embodying the fullness of their potential. 

One expression of this is my role as founder of Kailo Organic Chakra Therapy.  The intention behind Kailo is to provide the tools, rituals, and knowledge to holistically thrive through an experience of the chakras.  As an energy practitioner, teacher and chakra guide, I intuitively weave together over 10 years of experience with various forms of energy work, bodywork, aromatherapy, shamanism and yogic practices. 


Getting to the magnificent Lake Atitlán

To arrive at Villa Sumaya, you will fly into La Aurora international airport in Guatemala City.  From there, the group will be taking a private shuttle on the morning of January 17th to Panajachel, followed by a short boat ride to the Villa Sumaya dock.  The shuttle ride will be approximately 4.3 hours through the stunning Guatemalan mountains. The details of this journey will be sent to you as the retreat approaches.


Private accommodations - $2,500

Double occupancy - $2,200

Triple occupancy - $2,100

**All prices include receiving the Kailo Essence Kit ($198 value)

***Sign up with a friend to each receive a $100 discount!

****Option to pay in full or pay a $600 deposit with remaining balance due Nov. 11th



Not sure if this immersion feels totally in alignment?  Schedule a call with Kat to discuss the details and go over any questions or concerns.